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Planet Variables

Satellite Variables

pi ~ 3.141592654
G = gravitational constant
c = speed of light
Msun = Mass of Sun
Rsun = Radius of Sun
Lsun = Luminosity of Sun
m2AU = meters to AU
AU2m = AU to meters
s2yr = seconds to years
s2hr = seconds to hours
r2d = radians to degrees
d2r = degrees to radians

Mp = mass
ap = semimajor axis
Rp = radius
rhop = density
Vop = orbital velocity
ep = eccentricity
J2 = oblateness
tp = tilt

M = mass
R = radius
a = Semimajor axis
rho = density
e = eccentricity
i = inclination
Vo = Orbital Velocity
Hr = Hill Radius
Ve = Escape Velocity
Po = Orbital Period
gs = Surface gravity
Rsyn = Synchronous Orbit

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Irregular Satellite Calculator written by Dr. Douglas P. Hamilton and Amanda L. Proctor