HNBody  Version 1.0.10
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 ems.cAn advanced custom driver adding an explicit lunar sub-integration
 hnbody.cThe standard HNBody driver
 lunar.cA simple custom driver adding the mean lunar quadrupole
 errors.hMacros for error message generation and controlled termination
 expert.hLow-level function declarations used by the HNBody package
 kepler.hThe HNBody Kepler library
 kernel.hCore user-visible package declarations for the HNBody library
 opts.hEnumerations and functions related to HNBody input and output files
 output.hFacilities to manipulate HNBody output files
 version.hMacros defining basic HNBody version information
 driver.cImplements driver-related HNBody functionality
 platform.hMathUtils platform identification macros
 util.hHeader file for library management and other miscellaneous utilities