HNBody  Version 1.0.10
Data Fields
hnb_header_struct Struct Reference

Output file header data structure. More...

#include <hnbody/output.h>

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Data Fields

double G
 Newton gravitational constant (Output and StateFiles only).
double c
 Speed of light c (Output and StateFiles only).
double M
 Mass of central body (Output and StateFiles only).
double epoch
 Epoch of StateFile.
double tinit
 Tinitial of the integration.
double stepsize
 StepSize of the integration.
double rate
 Output sampling interval in units of StepSize.
double offset [HNB_ORDER_MAX]
 SmartFloat offsets (Output and StateFiles), or {E0, L0[3]} (EnergyFile).
int magic
 Retrieved magic number (HNB_MAGIC for a valid header).
int id
 IdTag of corresponding body (OutputFiles only).
int size
 sizeof() binary numbers, or digits precision for Text.
int ncol
 Number of columns per record.
int ctype [HNB_ORDER_MAX]
 Column type identification code.
hnb_class_t fclass
 Output file class.
hnb_format_t format
 Output file format.
hnb_coord_t coord
 Output file coordinate system.

Detailed Description

Contains all output file meta-data.

All physical quantities are in the system of units defined by the user in the input file.

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