HNBody  Version 1.0.10
Data Fields
hnb_data_struct Struct Reference

Main HNBody system data structure. More...

#include <hnbody/kernel.h>

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Data Fields

double G
double c
double Msun
double dm
double J2
double J4
double J6
double obRad
double dzH
double dzZ
double eps
double tinit
double tH [2]
double dtH [2]
double tZ [2]
double dtZ [2]
int nH
int nHL
int n
int fixedH
int enc
int prune
hnb_vector_t x0
hnb_vector_t dx0
hnb_vector_t v0
hnb_vector_t dv0
hnb_vector_t x1
hnb_vector_t dx1
hnb_vector_t v1
hnb_vector_t dv1
double * m
double * rcapt
double * renc
hnb_integ_t integ
hnb_integcoord_t itH
hnb_integcoord_t itZ
hnb_LWP_t Ltype
int * id
int * imap
int * jindex
int * prune_ctrl
FILE * log
hnb_extra_t extra_kick
hnb_extra_t extra_shift
hnb_drift_t extra_drift
hnb_derivs_t extra_derivs
hnb_energy_t extra_energy
hnb_vector_t x00
int pindex
volatile int halt
const char * recover
int ntmp
int tmpmax
FILE * body [512]
int bopen
double dzODE
double * tmpODE
double * deta
double * ieta
double * dsZ
double * E0
double * E1
double * t
double * tt
hnb_vector_t xH
hnb_vector_t vH
hnb_vector_t xt
hnb_vector_t vt
hnb_vector_t xHtab
hnb_vector_t vHtab
int iZ0
int ntab
int maxtab
int itmax
unsigned char * ace
double dtdz
double ttab0
hnb_vector_t xh0
hnb_vector_t xh1
hnb_vector_t xha
hnb_vector_t xhb
hnb_vector_t vh0
hnb_vector_t vh1
hnb_vector_t vha
hnb_vector_t vhb
hnb_vector_t xa
hnb_vector_t xb
hnb_vector_t va
hnb_vector_t vb

Detailed Description

All physical quantities are in the system of units defined by the user in the input file.

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