HNBody  Version 1.0.10
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hnb_ctrl_struct Struct Reference

User control callback information. More...

#include <expert.h>

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Data Fields

int * prune

Detailed Description

This structure is passed to hnb_user_exam_func to allow users to modify actions performed by HNBody during the following step.

The prune vector allows users to control the pruning of individual particles each step. Setting an element to -1, 0, or +1 requests the default action (significantly hyperbolic particles are pruned), disables pruning, or requests immediate pruning, respectively. The contents of this vector is automatically reset to -1 before each call to hnb_user_exam_func. Note that the input file must specify PruneCollisions = true for pruning requests to be honored and that (currently) only Symplectic integrations support pruning.

prune may be NULL if pruning is not supported.

Field Documentation

int* hnb_ctrl_struct::prune

Particle pruning control.

Referenced by hnb_raw_init().

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