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DPS is the Division of Planetary Science)

Education and Public Outreach Awards

Griffith Observatory Star Awards (2)
For excellence in promoting astronomy to the public.
February 22-28, 2004
July 1-7, 2001
SpaceViews Space Site of the Week
May 22, 2000
Badger's Pick of the Day
For creativity, good content, and innovative technology.
August 18, 1999

Astronomy Workshop In the News

    Rogue Star

    Satellite Viewer

    Solar System Collisions

Presentations at Scientific Meetings

Astronomy Workshop Working Group

  • Thanks also to:

    Damon Ellingston
    Heidi Gauss
    Linda Harden

  • Alumni

    Heather Cohen: 1997-1999
    Amanda Proctor: 2000-2002
    Stacy Teng: 2001
    Leila Malayeri: 2002-2004
    Jeremy Miller: 2003-2004
    William Jacobson: 2003-2004
    Kaveh Pahlevan: 2003-2004
    Armen Galustyan: 2004
    Kathryn DiMarco: 2005
    Kristofer Quinn: 2005-2006
    Andrew Lund: 2006-2007
    Noam Reisner: 2007
    Michael VanDaniker: 2006-2007
    Curran Muhlberger: 2006-2008
    Brad Sweeney: 2008-2009
    Michael VanDaniker: 2009
    Adam Ackerman: 2016
    Yoni Brande: 2017-2018

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