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Resonant Force Integrator
(RFI) Help File

General Information

  • HELP. Displays this help screen. To exit, click one of the Exit Help buttons located at the top and bottom of this screen.

    Integration Parameters

  • INTEGRATION TIME. Here you specify how many years into the future the resonant perturbation should be followed. Be careful in choosing this parameter as it is directly correlated to how long you will wait before seeing a plot! A good strategy is to try a short integration time first to get an idea of how fast the program is.
  • FREQUENCY. This number determines how often a point along the orbit is saved to disk. A larger number yields a more accurate plot at the expense of plotting time and disk space. You want to choose the largest number that yields a reasonably accurate plot. Experiment!

    Resonance Properties

  • A1.
  • A2.
  • Beta.
  • nprime.

    Drag Force

  • ndrag.
  • edrag.

    Initial Conditions

  • n-naught.
  • e-naught.
  • phi-naught.

  • SUBMIT FORM. Send the parameters that you have chosen to the orbital integration program!
  • LOAD DEFAULTS. Set all parameters back to their default values.
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