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platform.h File Reference

MathUtils platform identification macros. More...

#include <limits.h>
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#define INT_MAX   2147483647L
#define LONG_MAX   2147483647L
#define MU_MAKESTR(arg)   #arg
#define MU_VERSTR(num)   MU_MAKESTR(num)
#define mu_compiler_known
#define mu_compiler   "unknown"
#define mu_os_known
#define mu_cpu_known
#define mu_asm_known
#define DLLSPEC


typedef signed char int8
typedef unsigned char uint8
typedef signed short int int16
typedef unsigned short int uint16
typedef signed int int32
typedef unsigned int uint32
typedef signed long long int int64
typedef unsigned long long int uint64

Detailed Description

  $Id: platform.h,v 1.16 2014/11/19 01:02:24 rauch Exp $
Kevin P. Rauch Defines integer types of known (minimum) sizes; failure is possible but unlikely on a modern system. Also defines standard values for CPU and OS type; returns error message if platform is not recognized. Platform is then used to set byte ordering (MU_BIGENDIAN).